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Toronto Lions RFC

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For players 19+ who wish to play in the TRU Women's Competition & tour with the Lions in the 2022/23 season. Includes a pair of Game Socks.

For those that wish to play and practice contact rugby for 2 weeks

For those that want to play contact games in a tournament or drop in for a game

For those that wish to come out to a practice and try Full-Contact Rugby - 72 hour membership.

For people 18 years of age and under (2004 - 2007) who wish to play contact rugby.

To support your former club for the season. Includes one pint per game you attend.

To support the growth of Rugby Union and the club. Includes a Jersey.

For Gryphons who wish to plat in the TRU Women's Contact competition

Senior Contact registration for Board Members

This registration is for Board Members who will not be participating in any games